Sunday, May 24, 2009

Being, Below Buda's Belly

We took a trip to Budapest in May. Hungary was the furthest east I had ever traveled in the world. It certainly differed from our home base of Northern Germany, but was still distinctly Western from a global perspective. Before our trip, I ran across this interesting article which sheds a little light on the state of modern Budapest. Our trip began with a rainy but pleasant departure from Berlin...

Once in Budapest, we stayed on the Buda side of the river at this hotel - on a boat - that Jen had picked out. Hmmmm....

Perhaps the best part of the trip was caving underneath Buda. We were taken on an amazing guided tour of a very large network of caves, where we got down and dirty - sliding on our bellies, squeezing through tiny holes (see Jen below! ;), and generally contorting our bodies in ways we would regret the following day. The caves are highly recommended activity if you find yourself in Budapest

More scenes from underground can be seen here

Budapest is a beautiful city that showed us yet another facet of small-but-sundry Europe. Here are a few more highlights from our trip:

...and a whole lot more pictures can be found here