Monday, March 23, 2009

DB, take two

Hot off the heels of Hampton, we found ourselves attending another show, back home in Hannover. Seeing David Byrne at the Aegi Theater would be our first musical experience in our still-quite-new German hometown - not counting the manhole cover that sings, street performers, or anything related to work.

The theater was quite nice, not too far from the Maschsee (but still a little too cold at this point to even think about venturing towards it). We did however, find quite pleasant sushi (in Hannover!!!) at Gastst├Ątte Kyoto.

Jen had waited in a very long line back in October, during a trip she made to Hannover, to get these tickets.  It turned out that the line was for AC/DC and not David Byrne, so when she finally got to the counter, there was no problem getting two nice seats.  We ended up literaly front and center of the balcony; it was excellent.  

I had previously seen Byrne play, much earlier in the tour, at Davies Symphony Hall back home in SF, and had been so impressed that I knew Jen would enjoy having the opportunity to finally see the show that she "missed".  We had planned to see the Davies show together, but a last minute trip to Germany prevented Jen from using her ticket - at least then and there.

The show was similar to the one I had seen in SF, characterized by a performance of most of the new material from David Byrne and Brian Eno's (somewhat) recent album, Everthing That Happens Will Happen Today, mixed with a healthy dose classic Eno-era Talking Heads material.  I'm always itching for a Crosseyed and Painless, and where Hampton "fell short" ;), Byrne delivered.  The music was complemented by well-thought out and visually void-filling dance by 3 (or more) dancers for most of the show, adding the depth and the theatrical component requisite for performing at places like the Aegi Theater and Davies Symphony Hall.  While this show didn't include an audience-humping leather-clad marching band (see: Extra Action Marching Band), there was still some excitement in air (a few dancers in the crowd, though none in our section).  If you have the chance, this is definitely a performance that has proven itself no-less-than-amazing to audiences worldwide - as if Remain in Light wasn't proof enough to warrent fighting it out with rabid AC/DC fans for a chance to see a great rock show.