Saturday, March 14, 2009

__________/-* HAMPTON *-\__________

Hampton 3/7
© 2009 Phish. All Rights Reserved. Photo by C. Taylor Crothers. 

Yes, we went.  From Germany.  All it took was three flights, a rental car, and a little luck in the lottery.  And it was absolutely worth it.

We hung with friends - those near and dear, nepharious, and new.  We basked in the amazing energy of the weekend.  We lived the life again.  We ate Virginia BBQ*.

My last shows were Vegas '04 (my few pics; more here).  Perhaps not quite as "disappointing" as Conventry, but I certainly had not made my peace with the PHiSH before they broke up, "forever".   After all, I had been roaming the country with this crew for almost a decade.  I was at IT, and I remember Mike saying "NO", whatever his (or other's?) reasons were (regretfully, my friends left a message protesting this on Mike's hotline on the ride home from Maine).  Well, no one could believe the Fluffhead opener, although, as one blogger pointed out, it was right in front of us:

Hampton Coliseum - 3/6/09
Outside of the venue, 64 degrees and sunny. © 2009 Phish. All Rights Reserved. Photo by Julia Mordaunt. 

Hampton 3/7 Outside
© 2009 Phish. All Rights Reserved. Photo by C. Taylor Crothers.

I won't go on and on with reviews, as there are plenty on the net that are quite descriptive and well-written (a few here, here, and here).  I did especially enjoy the Fluffhead (of course), Stash (my first live song (Walnut Creek '97) and still a fav), Bowie, Taste, Ghost, Tube (always hoping for it), and the most exploratory endeavor of the weekend -DWD.

Strangest part of the weekend:  Feeling comforted by the strip malls and box stores, after struggling in Germany to find so many things.

Plenty of pics here.  Setlist here.  Audio here (pay for soundboards, since you didn't care, and missed the freebies) or, as always, get free AUDs here.

Thanks to Everyone who made this happen.  See you on Europe Fall Tour 2009 ;-)


*One of the non-musical highlights of the weekend was definately the local BBQ.  We managed to drop into a BBQ joint before all three of the shows, and in a rare flash of genius opted to even bring post-show BBQ platters to the lot.  My favorite, boasting a selection of six, count 'em, six sauces was the Country Grill and Smokehouse.  SW Texas and Eastern NC sauces were somethin' special!